Intelligent Heat.
Clean Electricity.

HEXIS fuel cell systems combine cutting edge technology
with environmentally-friendly efficiency (A++). 

Leading expertise for fuel cell technology


The Swiss company HEXIS is one of the world's leading companies in the field of high-temperature fuel cell technology (SOFC: Solid Oxide Fuel Cell) for stationary applications with less than 10 kW electrical power. In cooperation with international partners, HEXIS designs and produces fuel-cell-based mKWK modules in Winterthur and Constance for single-family homes, multiple-family apartment buildings, and, soon, for commercial buildings. Together with the parent company Viessmann, the HEXIS fuel cell modules have merged into the Viessmann Vitovalor product family. Moving forward, the Viessmann sales organisation will be solely responsible for sales of HEXIS fuel cell technology.


Design and development are based on findings from field tests, in-house research and cooperation with international research partners. Engineers, scientists and other highly qualified specialists cooperate closely in the HEXIS team.


HEXIS continues to integrate itself into the Viessmann Group, thus becoming a centre of expertise for the research, development and production of fuel cell modules. For 2019, HEXIS is developing the next generation of these fuel cell systems – the successor to Galileo 1000 N. The performance data and architecture for this device have been significantly improved. HEXIS will be supplying the fuel cell module with the fuel cell stack, fuel preparation, heat exchanger, inverter and control system. The Viessmann specialists in Allendorf are integrating the fuel cell module into a complete heating system. The Viessmann sales department will then offer it to customers through the normal channels. The supply of spare parts and operations for the Galileo generation are naturally guaranteed by HEXIS.




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