Intelligent Heat.
Clean Electricity.

HEXIS fuel cell systems combine cutting edge technology
with environmentally-friendly efficiency (A++). 

Leading competence in fuel cell technology


The Swiss company HEXIS is one of the leading companies worldwide in the field of high-temperature fuel cells (SOFC – Solid Oxide Fuel Cell) for stationary applications with an electrical output below 10 kW. HEXIS, which is located in Winterthur, Switzerland and Constance, Germany, works together with international partners from the power supply industry to develop and produce fuel cell heaters for houses and small apartment buildings. 


The company is directed by Managing Director Dr. Alexander Schuler and recruits 40 employees who steadily refine, produce and sell the Galileo fuel cell heating appliance. Insights of field-tests and in-house testing are accompanied by international partners from academia and expert sub-suppliers. engineers, scientists and other highly-qualified specialists work closely together in the HEXIS team.



Public Dates

You can get to know HEXIS and our fuel cell heater directly. At the following events you can speak to us in person.

ASUE bestätigt niedrigste jährliche Heizkosten mit Brennstoffzellen im Vergleich von verschiedenen Heiztechnologien!

Fordern Sie jetzt bei HEXIS einen kostenlosen und individuellen Wirtschaftlichkeitsvergleich zur geplanten Heizungsmodernisierung an.

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Galileo 1000 N

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