Intelligent Heat.
Clean Electricity.

HEXIS fuel cell systems combine cutting edge technology
with environmentally-friendly efficiency (A++). 

The increasing importance of a sustainable energy supply 


Fossil fuels are finite resources. That is why it has been widely accepted in the discussion about the most meaningful and responsible type of energy supply that energy should be supplied in a sustainable and ecological manner. 


So as to conserve resources and protect the environment, the available energy must therefore be used with the highest efficiency in future to keep losses as low as possible when converting energy. Pertinent laws and innovation-promoting measures in numerous countries already support research and development into a sustainable supply of energy.


Supplying heat and electricity by means of fuel cells could become the preferred technology for houses and small apartment buildings. Since the building sector accounts for over 40 percent of the final energy consumed in Europe and around 85 percent of this consists of the heating and hot water requirement, there is a considerable energy savings potential in state-of-the-art technologies.

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